• You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.
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“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pine

Training Development

Every time I’m asked to speak, my goal is to be useful and provide engaging content that is relevant and applicable immediately. I don’t want to leave you with sound bites, I want to leave you with something to bite into, to affect real growth, real change and to help you break through the barriers that have held you back for way too long.

Leadership Podcast

Leadership is a way of life. Whether you are looking to become a leader in business, or just taking the lead in your own life, you’ll want to tune into my podcast: Leaders Inspire Leaders, where I talk with leaders who have figured out how to rise above and stand out in all they do.
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Leadership Coaching

Through focused one-on-one sessions I’ll help you discover your strengths and teach you how to optimize your talents to reveal the leader within you. Together, we’ll identify the subconscious beliefs that keep you underperforming and I’ll teach you how to transform your thoughts to breakthrough your belief barriers.

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“A leaders is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John Maxwell

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Most Requested Programs

"He communicates great with everyone, and everyone from the older generations to Millennials enjoyed him. I would highly recommend him for anything!" - Karen Reaves, Project Coordinator, Texas Department of Transportation

Breaking Belief Barriers

"Show me someone who isn't happy, and I will show you somone with a self story that is no longer benefiting thier life!" What people can do is very different from what they will. Koy will teach you the formula to finally breakthrough your belief barriers and create the reality you seek.

Speaking Millennial

Too many brands believe that simply adopting the "social trinity;" Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, guarantees success when marketing to millennials...WRONG! Join Koy, as he reveals the latest research, trends, and best practices to help you effectively market to millennials, understand their mindset, and begin "Speaking Millennial."

Secrets to Leadership

Leaders are not born, they are created. Through extensive research and personally interviewing over 100 millionaires, Koy identified one trait that is common among all highly successful leaders. This program will reveal that trait, but more importantly it will help you apply it your daily life.

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About Koy

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a quarter life crisis, but not long after college I hit one!

Hadn’t I worked my way through school so I could get a respectable job and be a responsible adult?

Well the answer is yes…and…NO!

It was in this place of uncertainty that I began to really explore what was in my heart. I tuned in to my talents and realized that my ability to coach individuals and businesses to new levels of success was a natural ability for me. And the best part is…I absolutely love doing it.

I had always worked hard to apply myself and enjoyed helping others, but until I had an opportunity to really question my purpose, I didn’t know that my path toward success was entirely in my hands. It was up to me to say yes and take action.


Speaking Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials

Written Testimonials

" If you are an entrepreneur and need some help getting coached, set an appointment with Koy McDermott at Leaders Inspire Leaders, LLC! It will most definitely be worth your while! I’ve been meaning to write this personal testimony, but he inspired so many ideas for my website that I have been working on that and I haven’t had time lol. He has an amazing gift of inspiring things that you never thought of in a way that is so natural. You give him a vision, he will make it clear, and help devise a plan to achieve it! Hands down one of the best coaches I have ever had, and I have seen the growth in my website!
Tressica Thomas
Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Written Testimonials

" Koy’s coaching helped me get laser focused on my project, going from stuck to moving forward. The momentum helped me get out of the ditch and back on the road to success. He is excellent at getting to the crux of the issue and encouraging success.
Stacy Curtis
Founder of Writeyourownlife.com

Written Testimonials

" I have had a lot of mentors and teachers along my path and none have had the unique approach that Koy is able to bring to the table. Instead of teaching me the “right” way to do things he has coached me to utilize my strengths and passions to do what I do very well. Instead of memorizing a set of “skills” he has grown me into the passionate and driven person that I am today. I would recommend spending some time with Koy. It won’t take you long to realize that his passion is making you a success.
Dave Williams
Account Executive

Written Testimonials

" Koy is professional and his energy/enthusiasm is contagious. Unlike some previous coaching experiences, I felt Koy had my true interests at heart. Instead of pushing a specific agenda, he spent the majority of time listening and helped me see some blind spots that have been holding me back for a Entrepreneurial Leadership Coaching while.

In just one 45 minute session with Koy, I went from 2 course “ideas” to outlining specific action steps of what I need to do to actually make them happen. My experience with him was truly invaluable. Best of all, he didn’t accept the BS excuses that frequently came out of my mouth. I can’t recommend him enough.
Bud Hennekes

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We all need motivation. Why not take a minute?

Are you ready to start living out your dreams? We are a blank slate with the potential to create anything we want.

Achieve everything on your bucket list!

One word that is stopping you from achieving your dreams. Once you know what it is, you will never look at this common word the same way again!

We all need motivation. Why not take a minute?

Check out what a 6 year old teach you about commitment..and how can you apply this stupid simple trick to instantly increase your ability to commit to the things you want to accomplish most.

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